We are thrilled to partner with RunDoyen to offer training plans and coaching services for all Spirit of Oregon participants. RunDoyen is a group of highly accomplished runners and coaches who enjoy helping runners of all levels. Check out below to see how they can help you get ready for this year’s race and stay tuned through our newsletter for opportunities to meet members from the RunDoyen Team in-person!




Get the Official Spirit of Oregon Half Marathon Training Plan!

USA 1/2 Marathon National Champion and RunDoyen Coach, Tara Welling, is offering a 12-week Calculated Training Plan built specifically for the Spirit of Oregon Half Marathon. This plan is not just an ordinary or static plan, but is customized specifically for you based on your goal race time and the maximum amount of miles you want to run per week (35-100). It's truly one-of-a-kind and works for all runners from Beginners to Elites! In addition to customized mileage and workouts, you'll have Tara's coaching, training tips and advice embedded throughout your daily plan as she helps prepare you for race day in Salem. Learn more about Tara at RunDoyen.com/Tara


Would you like a customized training plan that is built specifically for you? The RunDoyen team will build you a plan from scratch based on a detailed training questionnaire. You’ll even be able to choose which coach from the RunDoyen Team you want to build your plan! Just be sure to let them know you’re training for the Spirit of Oregon Half Marathon or 5k and they’ll know what to do.

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Training Consultation

RunDoyen offers 15 minute, 30 minute or 1 hour Video Chat Consultations where you can talk to one of their professionals for any training related topics. These are great additions to any training plan or if you just need a professional to talk to about training.

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PersonAL Coaching

Ready to really take your training to the next level? RunDoyen offers 1-1 Personal Coaching where you can select who you want to coach you through a daily plan. More than just a training plan that is built as you go, you’ll have unlimited regular communication through an interactive training log and video chat sessions for face-to-face communication with your coach. 

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Will Benitez is a professional Nutritionist who specializes in helping runners stay energized and recover faster through an optimal diet.

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Strength & Recovery

Michael Herrerais a Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in helping runners optimize performance through strengthening and mobility exercises. He can also help you recover faster from any injuries.

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Questions about any of the Training Plans or Services? Email: info@RunDoyen.com


 For Training Tips & Advice Follow: @RunDoyen